Presentations - 7th Cyber Security Conference

Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Opening Ceremony: Data Protection, Privacy and Identity – Global Challenges and Opportunities

Gilberto Martins de Almeida
Session 1: General Data Protection Regulations Implications for Service Providers

Arlyn Gordon
Session 1: Understanding General Data Protection Regualtions (GDPR)

Stephanie Williams
Session 1: Privacy and Privacy Laws

Ryan Polk
Session 2: Online Security + Digital Productivity

Christopher Gayle
Session 2: Promoting Digital Productivity and Online Security

Douglas Halsall
Session 2: Promoting Digital Productivity And Security In The Era Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Hopeton Dunn
Session 3: NIDS

Carlton Samuels
Session 3: The National Identification System (NIDS)

Robert Morgan